Aphonia Lemon with baking This simple remedy with lemon and baking soda is very effective against hoarseness. Ingredients 1 lemon Bicarbonate Preparation It starts the lemon into 4 pieces and smeared in baking. Use Eating lemon wedges, if unpleasant can liquefy the fourth lemon and add a pinch of baking soda before taking it. NERVOUS EXHAUSTION Liquor dates Thanks to its high energy content, dates are a good remedy for nervous exhaustion, decay or abnormal growth of the children ... They can be eaten in abundance, they are very digestive. A good cognac, in its just measure, also can be good medicine for its vasodilating properties. And the vanilla, meanwhile, is an excellent nerve tonic. The liquor of dates, therefore, has all these properties, besides being an aphrodisiac, ie to stimulate sexuality. Ideal for nervous exhaustion, which also has a lot of physical. Ingredients 20 pitted dates 1 piece vanilla stick 1 bottle of brandy Preparation Put the piece dates and vanilla in a large jar and finish filling it with the contents of the bottle of cognac. Cover it well, taking care that it is tightly closed and store in a cool dark place. Then leave it to macerate for 40 days, stirring every 2 or 3. Use Drink in moderation when feeling down. A shot is a sufficient dose. Skin allergies - dermatitis - Redness Browse 3 C in ½ Elderflower l of boiling water. Boil a few seconds. Rest 1 minute. Hot, inhaling, to unclog the nose. Also very hot, apply to the skin with a cotton swab. ALLERGIES TO THE SUN - 10 days before the sun take 6 to 10 capsules a day of brewer's yeast. To avoid burns and enhance your tan. NOSE ALLERGIES - UNBLOCKING NOSE - Fill ¾ of a dropper of water with salt. Add 3 drops of lemon and 1 drop of essence of pine. Browse a dropper full in the nostril, breathing heavily while. POLLEN ALLERGY Radish juice Allergic rhinitis, hay fever or pollen allergy, with the three forms this condition is known as common as evidenced by the irritation and inflammation of nasal membranes, often accompanied by mucus, sneezing and irritated eyes up. This remedy takes away the mucus. Ingredients 4 tablespoons vinegar 1 cup water 1 jet radish juice A squeeze of lemon Preparation Have four ingredients mix well. Use Be made 4 cups a day for 5 days; vessels means if children are involved. ANEMIA Garlic soup The garlic soup is a very nutritious food. With this dish lifelong fight anemia. Ingredients (serves 4) Bread (2 slices per person if not smaller, 1 if large) 6 cloves garlic ½ cup oil ½ teaspoon paprika 2 liters of water Oil Sal Preparation It was a little crushed garlic and fry in oil. When you have a little golden bread is added and finally, paprika (someone also puts cumin), whether the fire so that does not burn. Then you add water and let it simmer for half an hour to simmer. Use Traditionally eaten for dinner, but any time is good

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