ALCOHOL ABUSE - SURF Decoction of nettles This decoction of nettles will leave you as new, clean, lucid and energetic in the morning hangover, after suffering from alcohol poisoning. Ingredients A handful of nettle leaves ¼ l water 1 lemon Preparation Boil nettle leaves in water for 5 minutes and then wash. The lemon juice is added at the time of taking it. Use Take a cup hangover mornings, fasting. Uric acid - CHOLESTEROL Vegetable broth Poor nutrition can cause a rise in uric acid. It feels like crystals that are stuck in the joints. Formerly a disease of kings because only they could afford the type of food that causes it: binge eating meat, seafood ... This soup, in addition to combat cholesterol and uric acid, beautifies the skin. Ingredients ½ l water 3 sprigs parsley ½ onion 100 g cabbage 3 sticks celery 1 lemon (for taking) Preparation Boil all ingredients, previously chopped or sliced, lemon least 15 minutes over low heat, let stand and strain it. Just before tomárnoslo, add the lemon juice in each serving. Use Take it three times daily before each meal. In 30 days we will have reduced uric acid. ACNE Homemade cream orange peel (remedy 4) Acne concern to the vast majority of adolescents. This simple remedy can reduce its effects. Ingredients The skin of 1 orange 3 tablespoons plain yogurt 2 tablespoons oatmeal Preparation Mix orange peel, previously striped, plain yogurt and oatmeal, until a creamy texture. Use Apply 2 times a week, according to her, but you can use daily. ACCUMULATION OF LIQUIDS IN THE BELLY Cooking oats Thanks to easy digestion and its regulatory function, oats solve problems by accumulation of fluid in the womb. Ingredients 1 handful of oats ½ l water Preparation Boil the oats in water for 5 minutes, let stand and strain. Use Take it during the day. Aerophagy and digestive problems, cramps, laryngitis, sores and thrush, jellyfish stings, bruises, insomnia, varicose veins Homemade apple vinegar The cider, the beverage appreciated especially in northern Spain, comes from a combination of sour apples, sweet and sour juice which is fermented. It is diuretic, digestive and very low alcohol level. With her exceptional vinegar is made. Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for health, because it has a powerful combination of minerals, organic materials and acetic acid. It is very rich in potassium, and also contains phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron and fluoride. Those with special needs potassium as the elderly, who take diuretic medications, or suffer from fluid retention should take cider vinegar regularly. Also in case of exhaustion, heart disease and to prevent hardening of the arterial wall. Just do not everyone meets your needs: those with gastric ulcers, gastritis, constipation or bowel problems should abstain or drink it in small doses. Ingredients The dregs of several bottles of cider A little cider Preparation The remains murky (wells) of several natural cider bottles get into a bottle of wide body and narrow neck. This is covered with a linen cloth and left in the sun or near a radiator, approximately 25 ° C for 4 or 5 weeks. If we put a balloon on the neck of the bottle will see how cider is fermented according swelling. As the weeks pass, we find that it is forming a surface layer in our cider dregs: the "mother" of vinegar. At 5 weeks we check if the vinegar is acidic enough and, if necessary, pour it in a clay pot and let 2 or 3 weeks, controlling the acidity level, covered with a cotton cloth. When the acidity is already enough, is cast with a clean cloth and add a little cider for bottling. Saving the "mother" vinegar can get more whenever you want, simply mix one part with new cider. Use Apple cider vinegar has many uses. Adding a little of the vegetables, they become more digestive and buttery. Adding it to our meals, we favor the regeneration of the intestinal flora, improve digestion, nutrient absorption by facilitating and reinforce our immune system. It is also an excellent cleaner pans, aluminum and glass. With 2 tablespoons of vinegar diluted in half a glass of water can cause the disappearance of aerophagia and some digestive problems. Also, with the same dose three times a day fought cramps, which occur due to lack of potassium. Add to these 2 tablespoons of vinegar in half glass of water a pinch of baking soda and gargling twice daily for 2 or 3 days is eliminated laryngitis, sore throat, hoarseness or coughing, the bacteria that cause diseases throat not support acidic as vinegar. In mouthwashes, vinegar improvement sores and fungus in the mouth and reduces the formation of jellyfish stings sarro.Para for example, is made with clay mud and cider vinegar and apply on affected area. For bruises, is applied directly on a pad soaked them in apple cider vinegar. For insomnia, a half glass of warm water with 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon orange blossom honey. We took it before bed. And for varicose veins, if bandages soaked in vinegar and get into the fridge at night we can put the leg feeling its effect very quickly Respiratory and rheumatology NEURALGIA Distillation of essential oil of pine buds The plants are a feast for the eyes and for the smell. Many have aromatic properties, which come from essential oils, oil droplets that protect against bacteria, parasites, fungi, and assure you attract breeding insects. The essences are the soul of plants, their vital energy. It is precisely their essential oil content which makes many medicinal plants. For a few drops of essential oil requires a lot of ground. The most common system, known for thousands of years, and introduced into Europe by the Arabs, is the removal of aromatics by distillation with water vapor. Ingredients (For the still home) A pressure cooker A mesh (where the plants are deposited) 1.5 liters of water a plastic tube about 5 m A large glass container An oil A small container (For the essence) Pine buds Preparation (From the still) Connect the tube to the valve without the cap, the pressure cooker. Pass it as a coil (as long spiral) for a bowl of cold water, which must go as they renew hot or ice added to it. Connect the other end of the tube into another container, for example an oil, and this in another small glass container through another small piece of plastic pipe. (In essence) Prepare pine buds, cut. Pour into the pot an amount of water between 10 and 6 times the amount of raw material and is loaded with buds Maya. The water should not get to touch the screen, leaving at least an inch of separation between them. Thus, close the pressure cooker and put it to warm hot fire. At the exit, water vapor, which already carries the essential oil passes through the container of cold water, which condenses it, making the gaseous state back to liquid. The liquid will slowly leaking into the oil is still not the essence, but essence water on its surface fleet, being an oil, the essence. To set it apart, there is only going to pour the water of oil through the tube in the last of the containers until they clearly see that it is only the essence that goes down the tube. Just then the fingers will tighten the tube clamp to hold the oil poured into another container separately. It is important during the distillation process does not end the water in the pot so as not to scorch the plants. As an indication, we can say that since the pot starts to boil until the oil begins to leave can go about 10 minutes, and another 4 until 5 meters passing through the plastic tube. It is also essential that the output of oil is lower than the hole through which water has entered the essence, otherwise it would not work the last part of the process, we separate the essential oil from water. It is possible that after all these operations there is still some water in a vial of essential oil. The best way to make the final separation is to use an eyedropper or syringe if the liquid is already cold and the separation between oil and water is clearer. Use The water smells of pine buds very well and can be used as air freshener and cologne. Place the essential oil in a bowl of topaz, dark, well to be retained, and stored in a dry place. Orally, the substance dissolved in water is taken under medical prescription. For external route, dissolved in oil. Furthermore, also used as perfume. Undissolved, you can apply 1 drop on the temples, scalp and soles of the feet. It is soothing, antiseptic and anticatarrhal.

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