Postpartum anxiety and tension, cracks in the chest Melissa Infusion The balm is slightly sedative, soothing and healing. Therefore, it can be very beneficial against anxiety and stress characteristics of postpartum. Furthermore, by external cure cracks in the chest. Ingredients 1 teaspoon dried lemon balm 20 cl of water (about 1 cup) Preparation Bring water and boil, remove from heat and add the lemon balm. Let it stand a few minutes and strain. Use Take 3 cups of tea a day in case of anxiety and tension. For the cracks in the chest directly be applied with gauze infusion in the affected area. Even without need for cracks, melissa relax after breast-feeding a baby since. ANXIETY FOR THE FOOD Hops Infusion This remedy is an ideal complement to the advice to reduce overweight. Ingredients 1 teaspoon hops flowers ½ cup water Preparation Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Add the hops and let it sit a few minutes. Finally, strain. Use Take it when you feel anxiety. But no more than 2 or 3 traces a day. APATHY - Toasted 1 dandelion root. Add a handful to ¼ liter of water and boil 2 min. Drinking a cup before three meals GRIT IN THE KIDNEY - DROP Nettle Soup Nettle is the ugly duckling of the plants; was irritated because he despises the touch, but has many medicinal virtues. We should all incorporate the nettle to our diet. The nettle soup is an excellent blood purifier and also has such good taste that some people confuse it with shellfish sauce. Ingredients A dish of nettles Water Sal Oil Preparation Washed and chopped nettles, and we take in a saucepan with water and salt. The let simmer 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, once cooked, sneaked broth and adds a generous squirt of oil. Use You can take a cup a day. WRINKLES Wrinkle cream with aloe The skin-preserving virtues by the aloe have been known since antiquity. According to the Gospel of St. John, the dead body of Jesus was wrapped in a linen shroud with a mixture of aloe and myrrh. It is made with aloe this wrinkle cream. Ingredients 50 g cucumber 50 g of aloe pulp 50 ml of distilled water Preparation It beats the pulp and cucumber with aloe is added and distilled water, mixing everything. Use In normal skin or fat mixture can be directly applied with a brush. In sensitive skin will choose, using just the liquid. Act should be left overnight and the morning wash with warm water. The preparation has to be drawn every 7 days, as it can not be kept longer. If wrinkles are recent and shallow remarkable results will be me

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