Since some time ago some friends had recommended me a site for those that get paid for clicking for 30 seconds but after several failed attempts at sites like those I had returned to animate, it happens that at the site of which I speak are charged not $ 0.01 but $ 1 dollar dollar track only for viewing ads for 30 seconds, the minimum payment is $ 1,000, are 7 ads per day, or $ 7 dollars and you give away $ 10 just for signing up, if you do it alone you would take 142 days to complete in order to collect the amount, or nearly 5 months, but then like win $ 1000 in 30 days? Let us look from this point of view, we all have friends and our friends also have friends, Suppose for example your facebook friends, if we speak of someone who have almost no friends in your facebook friends list is 100 as niger, then of those 100 friends safe at least 10% of them will be interested in this matter, then we will consider this basis, 10 persons, if more people will be much easier to reach $ 1000, in less time. Then doing the accounts, this site pays you 50% for the clicks your referrals make, or $ $ 0.50, then for the fulfillment of the goal should happen. $ 10 USD (Registration) received only once. $ 7 Dollars (by day 7 ads (minimum amount of ads per day)) $ 0.5 x 10 referrals x 7 ads per day = $ 35 per day. Total to date: $ 42 Dollars. $ 42 dollars x 30 days = 1260 USD. Ie we reach the goal, and we can borrow the money, they pay by paypal and bank accounts but it is better paypal, so there is nothing difficult to reach this, knowing we have friends who surely also want to make money, it is very simple and does not think people are not encouraged to make as much money as easily, to join simply click on the banner.

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